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Related post: Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 11:58:23 EDT From: Toni Podols Subject: jacqueline model nude Randi19Randi XIX, a continuation of adventures experienced in my previous stories, is dedicated to all of my friends and fans. It marks my reunion with my first ever female lover, the woman who took my bisexual virginity. This is the same woman who, in Randi I, Behemoth, led me into the wondrous experiences that have make my life complete.Please keep your feedback coming to my toni526 hotmail address. I love it and answer each email personally as soon as possible.And, now. . .Randi XIX -- Behemoth revisitedMy body shook violently as strong, yet gentle hands touched secret, forbidden portions of my body, knowing hands closing over my megan model breasts, fingers teasing my hardened nipples. My juices flowed like an unending mountain stream as orgasm after orgasm carried me higher and higher. "Randi," my mind spun out of control at the sound of her voice, the taste of her lips on mine. 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That was my main reason for young leotard models flying redeyes.Soon, the limo pulled up to the entrance to the Mark Hopkins Hotel and I checked into my suite. A beautiful set of rooms, as usual. The company never shorted me on facilities. As soon as I entered, I dropped my briefcase onto the desk and immediately called Ryan in New York. "Hi, Honey," I breathed into the phone as soon as the phone was picked up. "I just got to the hotel. I need you! Take me, now!""Sure, Mommy. Come on over," whispered a tiny, six year old voice, quickly followed by a long, loud giggle.Oh, God, not again! When will I learn? "Hi, Princess," I said with an embarrassed squirm. "Everybody up already?""Yeah. I knew it was you calling. I know your ring. Daddy's comin' from the shower right now. Bye, Mommy," she yelled, handing the phone to Ryan before I could answer."Hi, sweetheart. You must be exhausted, taking that later flight." Ryan's delicious, sleep-thick voice got my juices flowing again, as always."Uh, oh. Yeah," I whispered through a stretch and yawn. "'Thank God for Irish," I added, just a little nervous."Stop worrying, R," Ryan's soft, soothing voice oozed through the phone. "I understand. Just as long as you barbizon model agency come home to poppa and don't move in with her.""Ryan, which of pedo models my past lives was I so wonderful in that I deserve you? I promise never to take advantage of it. That's a promise. I do love you so much, darling.""I know, lover. Just think of me. Okay? I miss you already," Ryan's oozing voice was causing me to ooze again. "I already told them at work that my travel schedule was going to be reduced or else. In a few weeks, I'm changing to every other teen katie model week. A travel week and a home week. Now, I need a couple hours of sleep and a long hot shower, love. I'll call you in Washington later. Nite, Love."I replaced the telephone in its cradle and walked into the bedroom where my suitcases had already lay opened models preetens rusians by the bellhop. Quickly undressing, I called the front desk and left a wake up call for 6:30AM and crawled under the covers and was instantly asleep.At exactly 7:30, the company limo was already waiting as I walked through the hotel lobby, my ever-present laptop slung over my shoulder and a West Coast version of the Wall Street Journal under my arm. I, of course, was dressed in drop-dead East Coast professionalism clothing, a DK suit, black, with the skirt short, six inches above my knees, and a silk white on white blouse. And, my trademark, a single strand of perfect pearls. I sipped from the paper cup of strong black coffee that I'd picked up just past the elevator and passed through the door held open by the richly dressed doorman. Smiling a glorious smile, he offered to take my empty cup as he led me to the waiting limo.As I leaned into the limo, a hand reached out to help me enter. Tracing the hand back up along a smooth skinned, lightly peach-fuzzed arm, past silk-clad shoulders, I stared into the glazed, brilliantly green, but strangely icy cold eyes of the omnipresent Beverly. Beverly, as in beautiful, long-legged, long flowing blonde hair, large, high breasts. Beverly, as in extremely jealous of any attention to her boss, Doreen."So good to see you again," Beverly said, her hand squeezing mine, maintaining the pressure, strong, yet soft and supple."Hello, Beverly," I said. "How wonderful to see you again. And, how is Doreen?" I watched the ice turn her eyes a steely gray-green, similar to mine (but, no where near as intelligent or sweet!), at the mention of her boss and mentor. And, occasional lover. young bodies model Isn't it wonderful to know that your stay in San Francisco little models xxxporn is going to be so warm and cuddly, I thought?"She's much better, thank you. She's looking forward to seeing you. I just wanted to be sure that your visit received all the pomp and circumstance it deserves, so I asked the limo driver to pick me up first. Are you suitably impressed?" Her question could certainly have been worded just a tad better, perhaps with a bit of real warmth. Her sarcasm, however, well-aimed and thrown down, gauntlet-style, was accepted."Haven't we already been through this dance, Beverly?" I asked as the limo negotiated the last turn before the giant office building approximately two blocks away. Crossing my legs, preeteen child supermodels I fixed her with my patented Randi smile. "You already know by now what my situation is and what my relationship is with Doreen. And, knowing you, I'm sure you know just a bit -- and, only that bit that I want you to know, by the way -- about me, personally. So, cutting to the chase, would you like to stop the car right now? I'd be happy to step outside with you and kick your fucking cunt all over the sidewalk," I added, my brilliant wit accomplished with a brilliant, flashing, very toothy smile.The gray-green eyes suddenly turned blank and the curled, cynical smile left her lips. I aged nude model think I got through to her with that one, I thought. Silence lay over the interior of the limo like a bag of lead weights for the rest of the ride, tension high, fingers curled into striking blows, if necessary. As the car pulled up to the front of the building, I pushed past Beverly and took the driver's proffered hand, stepping from the car.I left Beverly to think about things and entered the building heading directly to the elevator to fly up to our company's floor. I was immediately ushered into a waiting conference room and, within minutes, I was babbling away, presenting the latest developments on one of our largest client projects. Naturally, everything under Justine's technical care was moving along famously, ahead of schedule. After the company CEO, visiting everywhere I seem to be lately, for some reason, surf models nude applauded our work, he hit me plant cell model with the chaser."Randi, I understand that your daughter, Rachael, has been flashing her brilliance to some of our clients, notably in Chicago and Dallas," the CEO, Richard Redmond's ruddy, handsome face rather serious. "When did she begin to work for us?" he asked."Uh, well, she did say a few things when she accompanied me . . ." I began, tentatively."Randi, relax," Redmond laughed, that famous twinkle returning to his stern face. "I've been told she's brilliant. So, I want her to intern for us this summer if you have no objections. Should give us a head start in recruiting her once she finishes college. If you want, she could travel with you.""Aha! Now, it becomes clear," I laughed. "You want me to continue to travel every week instead of my cutbacks. Very tricky, Richard," I smiled."Well, that might have been a little part of it, I admit," Richard said, a rueful smile on his handsome face. "But, from what I've male models nude been hearing, I'm really quite serious. I end child models want to see if we can get a hold on that prodigious talent and begin to channel it.""Don't you mean control it, Richard?? I retorted, a knowing smile creasing my lips. "You may be in for a surprise. She is definitely not someone easily manipulated," I teased, knowing that Rachael was going to work for us -- me -- for the summer! If she wanted it, that is. "You are about to run headlong into what I feel will be one of the key players of the twenty-first century, Richard. Good luck.""Are you kidding me?" Rachael screamed through the cell phone, so loud I had to move the receiver away from my ear. "Oh, wow! Now, I'll really have to have money to buy a new hat. girl ls models My head is already swollen without this! Do I get paid? How much? When can I start? I'll have to buy new clothes. Should I make those upgrades to my laptop?"Our discussion went on for about fifteen minutes, leaving one very excited and exhausted kid waiting for info as soon as I returned to New York City. I glanced at my watch and noticed that I'd worked through lunch and had at least four or five hours ahead beach sex supermodel of me. Moving to an uninhabited corner of the conference room foyer, I opened my cell phone and dialed Doreen's private extension. Fully realizing, of course, that Beverly would see the light flash and sneakily pick up her extension.Unfortunately, an answering message glommed onto my call, requesting a message.". . . Hey, sweet woman! Randi. Missed lunch because Richard decided to ask 3d model drawer lots of questions, some of which were kiddy model pictures rather personal, as usual. Are we still on for this evening? Cocktails, dinner and just a lot of talk? Love you, darling . . ."I added my pager number, littlemodels 10yo set it on vibrate and placed in a position to signal me if she calls. Then, I returned to the conference room and spent the next four hours, nibbling at a hastily ordered salad and answering all questions. At a little before 3PM, a vibration against my groin stirred my juices and I stole a glance at my pager. "Problem, sweetheart!" in bold, gold letters. Frowning, I held my breath and waited for the next break and opened my cellphone."Hi, Love," Doreen's voice boomed from the receiver. "I am so sorry about tonight. My niece is in trouble again and I've got to go over to Oakland and get her straightened out. I spend more time fixing her problems than I do my own, damn it! How about tomorrow evening? You'll still be here, right?""Sure. I won't be leaving until clothing models topless Friday morning. I'll call you tomorrow, darling."Darn, I thought, putting away my cellphone. Oh, well, a nice shower will be great anyway, I thought. And, a little sleep. Smiling, actually beaming, I went back to work with renewed energy.Finally, problems solved (of course), the meeting ended and I left the conference room, sexy chinese models exhausted, yet strangely alive, excited. I made a beeline for the ladies room and did my ladylike duties. I returned to speak with the project manager on one final point, then headed for the elevators. The limo driver held the door open for me and I crawled inside for the drive back to my hotel. I immediately took out my cell phone, pressed Ryan's cell phone number and he responded before the second crystal ball model ring."Hello, my darling breadwinner." Ryan's soft, deep stentorian tones drifted through the phone lines like a lifeline back to reality. "Finally finished on the left artist model clarinet coast?""Oh, my sweet guy. How I wish I were back there with you right now. I shall, Friday afternoon and you'd better be ready for me." "Give Doreen my love, sweet," Ryan nude dance models said. "You owe her a big one.""Ryan, I'll be on the late flight back to New York. All you have to say is come home and I'm there. You know that," I said, my usual guilt trip already underway."Not a chance, my love. You've made your bed and now you have to sleep with her," he breathed into the telephone. "And, then, my darling, I will bend you in half and have my way with you when you return tomorrow."Relief flooding over me, I breathed a sigh through the phone. "When I do get home, my sweet stud, you are waste. I will literally eat you alive," I breathed, my best seductive tone pouring over the line. "At any rate, though, tonight is off. Doreen has problems with a wayward niece and we'll have dinner tomorrow russian model sasha night, instead.""I'm sorry, Sweetie," Ryan soothed. "Get some rest, then. You deserve it," he solo teen models added, with a good night kiss.God! luci teen model I was exhausted! As I unlocked my hotel suite door, the full effects of the past twenty-four hours finally hit me, the dragon models stress beginning to take their toll. Despite a memorable experience with Samantha, a Redeye flight across the country and 11 hours in the boardroom, I was still able to make it across the foyer to set my briefcase and computer onto the desk in the great room. Leaning against it and removed my shoes, I rubbed my sore feet for a few moments. Stifling a yawn, I walked into the bedroom and began to undress.Having dreamt all day of a long, hot soaking shower, I stripped quickly, grabbed my robe and walked thai model gallery through the soft, plush carpet to the master bathroom. I reached into the glass-enclosed shower and turned on the water, adjusting the temperature and leaned against the sink, staring at the mirror. Oooo, damn. I looked tired. But, beautiful, of course (just ask me!). Opening the shower door, I slipped inside and closed the door, stepping directly under the sharp pulses of water, feeling the sting as my weariness began to bleed away down the drain. Leaning my face against the shower wall, I let the water rush down the channel of my back and down over my ass, feeling my aches ru young model and pains and my exhaustion slowly begin to dissipate. Dissipate to the extent that my mind began to channel back to that first time. The girls modelis pretens first time I'd met Doreen.As nude models casting I had expected, my presentation had gone fabulously! I was so proud as each person asked questions that were intelligent and to the point. When we were finished, I received rounds of congratulations and left the conference room beaming. I felt that I was Superwoman! Even the company CEO, on visit to the SF branch, offered his approval and promises emely childmodel of bonus dollars danced n my head. Next on my agenda was a meeting with the Manager of Information Technology.I was led to Doreen Mark's office by her private secretary, the beautiful, long-legged, devious and jealous Beverly. She had fixed me with a huge smile and sized me up before leading me down the hallway to Doreen's office. A gentle knock, a booming "Come on in" and Beverly walked away. I opened the door and entered the office.Suffice to say, what greeted me was shocking. Doreen Marks, standing behind her desk, her arm outstretched toward me, stood approximately famous models nudes 6 feet tall, a very round black face with a short Afro and weighed in at over 400 pounds. Her chest consisted of the largest tits I had ever seen and her arms were gigantic. She wore a broad, knowing smile and as she took my hand in hers, younge nn models she said with a booming voice, "Ms. Hilliard, welcome to San Francisco! I'm Doreen Marks. Nice to meet another female achiever in this fuckin' company! Have a seat."I eased myself into a chair opposite Doreen, crossed my legs and leaned forward toward her desk and for the next two hours we poured over reviews of her operation and her people. As we worked, I began to like Doreen. She was intelligent, infused with a delight in her work and proud of her group's ideas. I would occasionally glance at her when I foolishly thought she wasn't looking, her huge mass kid model swimsuit squeezed into a dress too tight for her, her bulk imposing. But, at the same time, so interesting.Doreen had seduced me that night. My first time. Of course, seduction is hardly the appropriate word since Doreen possesses that certain something that draws people like flies.I wrapped my robe around myself and blow-dried my hair before dropping one or two little dribbles of Chanel into those private areas. I padded across the floor into the great room and plopped onto the sofa, leaning my head back, enjoying the quiet and the sparkling sun pouring in through the floor-to-ceiling glass doors that led bikini mature model to the oversized balcony. I picked up the room service folder and began to decide on what to eat. Another overpowering yawn struck as I decided on salmon steak and a huge salad and I picked up the telephone. Just as I lifted my bikini ramp model finger to touch the keys, something stopped me. A sudden knowledge that something was not right. All that training never leaves you, your instincts are always just beneath the surface, always at the ready. Thus, I wasn't surprised when the mature top models large shadow fell across my body."Hello, sweet cream in my black coffee," Doreen's booming voice easily drown out any sounds moving up from the street far below as she stood at the French doors leading from the balcony. . "Finally out of that shower, huh?" The figure moved into the great room and I was able to stop squinting and see . . . Doreen?"Doreen? Doreen!?! Is that really you?" I cried, rising and racing around the table to her, leaping into her large, warm, enveloping arms. I threw my arms around her neck and kissed her thick, yet yielding lips, tasting her sweetly flavored lipstick, my tongue immediately delving into her buttery soft, moist, heated mouth. Immediately, her long, thick tongue located mine and began the tongue dance kid models toplist of death, stroking the length of mine before sliding down its length to the opening of my throat. Home at last, I felt her huge arms wrap around my body, holding me close, making me feel so safe in her arms.Oh, God, it was so amazing, so wonderful to finally be in her arms again. But, something was different this littlemodelphoto time. Very much different. There was almost half of her missing! I pulled back, my hands sliding down her thick black arms to hold her hands, staring at her. Dressed in a salmon colored business suit, a large collared white silk blouse, a single strand of white pearls, she was beautiful. Beaming, she began to spin around and around, showing off what turned out to be 46 DD breasts, 40-inch waist and 44-inch hips."You like? Down to 240 pounds, my love. Lost half my titties, which now makes my nipples look even longer and thicker. Well?" she sang, her happiness so obvious."Doreen, my darling Doreen. You are absolutely smashing! ls model gun Gorgeous! God, how I've missed you, my sweet chocolate lady," I whispered, staring into her huge dark eyes, her still rounded face, her ever present Afro. For all you ladies out there hiding from queen-sized women, shame on you. You have no idea what you are missing.I took her hand and led her to the couch. ranger model 5128 "Now, stay right here. I'll be right back with some wine. Hey, wait a minute," I stopped, and stood directly before her. "You were supposed to be in Oakland with alexis teen model your niece. What happened?""False alarm, thank God. She wasn't arrested. She was bailing out her boyfriend, not the other way around. Lucky she called me or I would have ripped her a new one for making me run there for that bastard's sake," Doreen sat on the end of the sofa, shaking her head. "How that girl gets involved with that scum is expecting models beyond me. My sister gave up on her long ago, but mercedes v12 models I still think she can be saved. But, damn it, this might be the last straw.""Oh, Doreen," I whispered, sitting on the arm of the sofa, my arm around her. "I'm so sorry she's giving you such trouble. I remember her picture in your living room. Gorgeous girl. Isn't she a lawyer? How could she get involved with such a creep?""Shit, girlfriend. teen model nicky Don't we all have times like that when we put our faith in someone and get fucked? Especially when he's got about a dozen inches of peckerhood. But, hey! I haven't seen you in almost a teenmodel japan year and we're talking about anything but us! Believe me, little Suzie will take care of herself. supertop cute models Let's talk about you. How have you been, love? And, where is that wine?""Mmm, darling, I have missed you, too," I whispered, kissing her soft, smooth and broad forehead and danced into the kitchen. I returned with the wine and two large goblets. I poured our glasses full of white wine, offered a toast to us both and we began to catch up on lost times. We talked for hours, quickly losing track of time. Or, for that matter, the fact that I was starved. Doreen's littlemodels quick wit and intelligence continued to amaze me as well as her great sensuality. She was an ever-present force, her essence permeating the room. And, despite the fact that she had lost so much weight, she was still an ped models teen enormous woman. An enormous woman whose presence was setting my body on fire. As one, we stopped actress model talking and stared into each other's eyes, her great hands cupping my face.Doreen smiled at me, leaned over and brought her large lips to mine, grinding her teeth against mine, our tongues battling in our mouths. She brought her hand up to cup my breast through my robe, so gentle for such large, powerful hands. She let her hand slide beneath my robe, gently caressing my naked breast, her fingers pinching my nipple. I reached down to cup her huge tittie, squeezing it, my hand sinking into her massive mound.Doreen gently pushed me away from her and stood up, smiling. Without a word, she took my hand and led me toward my own bedroom. The lights teenage modeling photos were already dim, only the light from the window providing any illumination. I turned on my Bose and my standard John Coltrane music and walked to Doreen. Smiling, I opened her jacket and removed it, laying it on the chair near the bed.I opened each button on her white silk blouse slowly, carefully, watching more and more of her soft chocolate skin appear. I leaned forward to kiss the soft flesh above her deep, mysterious cleavage as I continued opening the buttons. teenmodel 11yo She was wearing a white preeten modell russian silk lacey bra, not the canvas holder she had worn the last time we were together. As I peeled her blouse away, I was overcome with the beauty of her mammoth breasts, still perfectly formed in their lacey shell.Reaching down, I opened the button on her skirt and slowly ran the zipper down. Her skirt fell away, leaving her only in very thin, fragile panties. I slipped her blouse from her shoulders and just stared.Doreen was unbelievable. Her legs no longer resembled huge tree trunks. Her thighs still had no cellulite at all, simply wide, smooth and completely hairless. The thick jungle of pussy hair was thinned karina teen model and trimmed, not oozing from the corners of her panties. But, still there, if not more so, was the damp stain at the bottom of the V of her pussy.Doreen reached behind her to unfasten her bra. She held it in place for a moment, a smile appearing from her beautiful dark brown features. I knew she was so anxious to show off her new body. Reaching out, I took the bra from her and pulled it away. I watched in awe as her mammoth tits rolled into view.Her very dark brown tits were still enormous. Long, hanging down her chest, they were absolutely beautiful. Her areolas were wide, with little bumps, and much darker than her breasts. Her nipples were long and thick, hard as rocks. Shaking, I knelt before her and slowly began to peel her panties down over her full hips, teen ballet models watching as her kinky curls came into view, thick, yet so neatly trimmed. My mouth watered, watching the leakage of her juices at the top of her slit.Sitting on the edge of the bed, Doreen watched, her great body shuddering in anticipation. My eyes locked with hers as I loosened the belt of my robe, letting it fall at my feet. I let the folds of my robe open, watching her eyes close to mere slits, glazed, tears forming at the edges. Smiling, I let the robe fall from my shoulders to the floor, standing naked before her. I watched Doreen's thick lips curled into a warm smile that matched my own, watched as her hands reached out for me. I walked the last few feet to her, my hands outstretched to hers, letting her slowly draw me down to her lap. I gasped at the heat of her loins beneath my ass and my thighs as I settled onto her lap, her great arms closing around my body, holding me to her as if a child.Melting into Doreen's arms, I felt so warm and so safe, wrapped in her chocolate skin. I raised my face to hers, seeing myself in her beautiful eyes and my lips touched hers. Sparklers behind child model thumbs my eyes, I felt her soft lips pressing mine and opened my mouth to her, feeling the soft, thickness of her tongue slide into me. So delicious, so wonderful, I let her easily find my tongue, let her lick the length of it, my teeth, my gums, everything. I tasted her sweet saliva as it dripped into my mouth.I reached out a hand to lift and cup one massive breast, relishing the weight of it, the softness, the full firmness of her. My fingers teased around her raised areola, feeling each tiny bump, touching the long, hard nipple. I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger, pulling on it, twisting it, making it mine as her teeth wrapped tightly model naked around my nn pre models probing tongue."Oh, God, Doreen, God, I have missed you," I whispered, breaking our kiss for the briefest of moments. "You are so beautiful." I kept repeating it over and over, even into the depths of her mouth, as I lifted from her lap to let her lie fully onto the bed. I straddled her waist, letting my flowing cunt (!) cover her tummy with my juice. Watching her mammoth breasts spread, I kneaded the fleshy mounds, rolling them all around on her chest, my eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of the soft flesh under my fingers. Listening to Doreen moan, crying out my name over and over, I swiveled my hips on her, letting my pussy grind over her tummy. Her large, gentle hands reached up to cup my breasts, moving them, squeezing them together, her short, stubby fingers teasing my nipples.I lay fully atop her, mashing my smaller breasts against her massive ones, my pussy pressing against hers. tiffany logan model I kissed her face, all of it, her forehead, her round cheeks, her broad asian porn models nose, her soft, thick lips. Delighting in top models escort the taste inna little model of her skin, the tangy flavor of her body, I reveled in her softness surrounding me as I began to slide down her body. Dark, chocolate dark skin beneath my lips, my tongue, savoring every inch of her body, I kissed and licked her shoulders, the broad nude pretee models expanse of her arms, lifting them so that I could reach her armpits, licking them, tasting her body, across to her soft breasts. heart model Opening my mouth wide, I sucked in her huge areolas, licking all around them, sucking them deep into my mouth, letting my teeth surround her nipples. Biting them, chewing them, I lavished love onto both breasts and nipples, moving from one to another as if trying to decide which one I wished to take back to New York with me. Both of them won. I felt her hands on my head, pressing me into her flesh, then traveling down my body, over my back, my sides, my hips. Moving down, I licked little circles over the softness of her stomach. Still large, but a mere fraction of what I target store models found when last we met, I loved the taste, circling around her beautiful belly button, licking the insides, pressing hard into her,"Oh, baby, yes, I love that. My pussy, Toni, please. I need you there. Please," pretten model sites she cried, her hands pushing at my head. Resisting, I kept her suffering (ha ha) as I passed by her pussy to her soft, full hip, kissing the soft black flesh, moving down to her thigh. Ignoring her cries, I began to lick the full length of her leg, her thigh, behind her fleshy knee, her thick, smooth calf, to her foot, licking the almost white bottom, to her toes, sucking each one. Each little cock, biting hard around her great toe."God damn it, Toni, my God. What are you . . . models upskirts " Doreen screamed my name louder and louder as I teased her foot and switched my attention to the other one."You're torturing me, my God," she 12yo model nude scream shy model toplist as I slowly began my return trip up her other leg. Finally, my face was trapped between her soft, delicious black thighs, staring into her sandra soto model bright pink pussy. I watched her charcoal black pussy lips move as she flexed her pussy, staring into the bright pink wetness of her cunt."God, it is so beautiful, Doreen. So wet, for me. I can see your clittie standing there, waiting for my tongue," I whispered, watching as her hands massaged her breasts. "It's waiting for me, all hard and red and swollen.""Girl, don't talk to it! indian bikini model Suck it! Please, you're driving me crazy!" Doreen screamed, urging me to drive her to new heights, her great body shaking with unbridled lust. Smiling over her raised tummy at her, I began to kiss the inner surfaces of her thighs, licking up the softness of her body. I was in heaven, tasting the delicious dark flesh, tasting the come that had leaked down her thighs. Closer and closer I crawled, licking her thighs as they rested heavily on my shoulders. Her woman smells intoxicating me, my tongue touched the black lips surrounding her pussy, tasting her sweet taste, my teeth grasping pretten model video those lips tight, tugging on them. More screams for mercy from Doreen.Finally, my tongue reached the single teen sexymodel little blanket that surrounded her quivering clittie, sliding between the folds to the hard, bright red soldier standing firm and strong, glistening with her come. I swirled my tongue around and around it, flicking at it. I used my teeth to push the little blanket down to grasp her clittie tight, biting down, pulling on it. 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I felt her strong hands gently caressing my body, little kisses applied all over my face."My God, you have certainly learned a lot in a year, my lovely Randi," Doreen wheezed, still flowing, buoyant from her orgasm."Mmmmm," I murmured. "That was my present to you, darling. An anniversary goodie.""Hee, hee. You're a nut, you know that?" Doreen laughed, cuddling me closer to her, her hands caressing me everywhere she could reach. I pressed my face against her breasts, kissing the softness, letting my face sink into the amazing softness."Mmmm. Yes, I am, my love. And, tonight is your night. I came just making love to you and I'm not finished," stopping Doreen's protests by leaning up to kiss her lips once again. "If you want to chew on this body, darling, you'll have to cook me one of your wonderful dinners tomorrow night. For now, darling, I have business to conduct."I moved back on top of my chocolate beauty, burying my face once again into Doreen's fabulous, massive breasts. 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I let her cheeks surround my face, riding her overpowering orgasm, listening to her screams so loud, I could still hear her model nude palau through her cheeks that pressed against my ears.As her orgasm began to subside, I moved my face down to drink up her copious flow of come, savoring my wonderful friend's essence. Finally, I crawled up to cuddle her, exhausted and finally sated."Girlfriend," Doreen said, between gasps for breathe, "I still owe you," she barely breathed. "I owe you a whole, whole, whole lot.""Darling, it's a long, long night and the night is still young."Stay tuned for Randi XX. And, please, please, and another please keep your emails coming to my toni526 hotmail email address.
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